Museum Alex Mylona
Giorgos Gerontides. A flock of fakes: definitions of the unnatural
May 11, 2023 - June 25, 2023

Exhibition “Giorgos Gerontides. A flock of fakes: definitions of the unnatural”

In the frame of the Young Artist Prize by Art Athina 2022

MOMus-Museum Alex Mylona Museum (5, Agion Asomaton square, Thissio, Athens)

May 11 - June 25, 2023

Opening: Thursday, May 11, 2023, 20:00


In his solo exhibition titled “A flock of fakes: definitions of the unnatural”, Giorgos

Gerontides, an established visual artist, presents the relationship between the artwork and the museum precisely in terms as a centuries-old convention.

He focuses on the relationship between humans, nature and the animal world, using natural history museums as a case-study. In three separate, “living” installations/sections presented at MOMus-Museum Alex Mylona in Athens, the artist comments on a theme that has always been timely, but has now become ominously urgent: the power of humans over other species, the relationship between works of art and real or embalmed animals, natural history itself -nowadays presented to us in a more unnatural form than ever-, and, finally, on our own inconceivable categorizations and interventions in the natural environment and, by extension, in the way the latter is recorded and presented in museums.


Young Artist Prize by Art Athina 2022

The Art Athina prize for a young artist is a new institution established in 2022 by the Hellenic Art Galleries Association, aspiring to provide encouragement to young practitioners in their artistic pursuits. The five-member jury for this new prize commended the high quality of the projects nominated for the prize and the art galleries representing the artists. Following extensive deliberations, the jurors unanimously decided to award the prize to Giorgos Gerontides, represented by zina athanassiadou gallery.

Gerontides’ work is marked for the coherence, consistency and broadness of his artistic pursuits and concerns, the intensity of his research, his focus on contemporary social issues and conditions, his openness comprises of experimentation and his technical prowess.

His work comprises a wide variety of artistic mediums and techniques, ranging from in situ installations and videos, to participatory, interactive online projects. Concepts such as archives, art collections and museums, as well as the process of artistic creation and human intervention in nature, occupy a prominent position in his work.


Curated by: Theodore Markoglou, Art Historian & MOMus Curator

Giorgos Gerontides collaborated with the Post-Spectacular Office in all steps of the exhibition production.

The exhibition is supported by the Deputy Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Cyprus, the 3D Hub Greece and the Research and Innovation Centre on Interactive Media, Smart System and Emerging Technologies – CYENS Centre of Excellence. 


Parallel events (in Greek language)

  • Performances-tours by the artist Dimitris Ameladiotis

May 18, 25 & June 10, 18:00

  • Guided tours every Saturday and Sunday at 13:00 (except 21.05)

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